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My Dream

My Mission

"Men's Clothing -- wearing your dream into reality"


My Mission

Lisa Anndavid is committed to providing high quality Transgender garments for our community and my closest friends with passion, enthusiasm and an eye to combining vintage clothing and sexy appearance to our dressers

My Story

As transformation is necessary for a transgenders' life it goes without question that she must look good. First we must begin by rebuilding a new body structure and a proper foundation.

As an example : My chest measurement is 38 inches with implants, so to wear a women's dress on the standard measurement chart my hip circumference should be 40 to 41 inches. My real hip circumference is only 36 inches. Therefore, to solve this problem as well as several others, easily, I would like to share with everyone some of my thoughts that went into the design of some my favorite pieces.

With years of effort in order to look good on women's dresses, especially on tight dresses, I have designed and manufactured a hip-enlargement pants named 'Miss Curvy'. The increasing size of the reconstructive hips by 'Miss Curvy' , changes a male body to look more feminime proportionate to a wide male's chest. Its pattern doesn't make a wearer's hips look like they have gained weights but transforms a natural look under garment. It's easy to wear all day and is easy to use in a restroom.

Continuing with building a proper foundation, I would like to share my next idea with you which is the bra. Unlike a regular bra which is built specifically to wear over women's breast cup, a women's bra fitted on a male's flat chest needs to be stuffed with various materials in the cup space. My bra design, however, is built for both covering cups and over flat chests. A wearer who has flat chest doesn't need to fill in the cups. The cups are built to be a soft touch and curves that are stable without metal underwires. It is comfortable and easy to wear.

As Miss Curvy and bra are completed, they will be put together in one piece as a swimsuit. Following that design other garments such as long pants, short pants, and short skirts will follow. Our friends will look curvy on the beaches, swimming pools and other public spaces.

Once the designs of these foundation pieces are completed, a dress will be next designed. My clothing is designed to be both elegant and sexy. The designs take the form from a vintage era and combine it with a slut look. Adding the soft smell of vintage means adding classic and elegant look into the designs while the slut look creates a sexual attraction. Also for our Crossdressers they can explore and enjoy the high fashion of women's clothes without limitation of their male bodies' measurements.


Furthermore, in addition to our Transgender and Crossdress Web Page I will be also working ambitiously to produce two other Web Pages.

The second Web Page will be designed for the Teen Girl in a Web Page which will include many designed garments such as handbags, headwear, tee shirts, shirts, long pants, long skirts, short skirts, casual dresses, jackets and shorts. These teen designs are to bring fashion clothes respond to this fast-forward technological generation. The concept designs will represent and appeal to a young generation girls' World of imagination.

The third Web Page will be designed for the Man in a Web Page which will include many designed garments focusing with design emphasis on men's masculinity as well as youth and energetic looks. The Web Page will include many designed articles such as men's casual and formal clothing and men's underwear.

However, my mission can't be successful without patrons such as you. Let us enjoy together and make our World to be the World of imagination.


Contact Lisa : mail2lisaanndavid@gmail.com

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