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One night in September of 2011, I dreamt, I was looking with admiration at statue of David. Suddenly, a glorious light shined from the heavens above and an old man's voice seemed to be talking calmly and directly to me -- "David stands naked for long time. He is embarrassed by the people who come here to look at him."

I immediately understood how David would feel, especially if I had a flat chest I would never show it to anyone.

Before I had dreamt of David, for many years, I used to dream of myself being naked in public such as on subway trains, in the park and most often times in the classrooms for no reason. I didn't really understand why I often had such dreams at least once a week continually for many years. Even though in the dreams people reacted to me normally, I felt very embarrassed, it seemed like these dreams were real. I used my hands to try to cover the most embarrassing parts of my naked body.

With sympathy, I also tried finding a way to help David. At first, I thought of taking off my clothes and donated them to him. I didn't see anything wrong at all if David had to wear my skirt as many religions' leaders also didn't wear pants as their religious uniforms back then. However, then I would be the one who was embarrassed going home naked.

Finally, I came up with the best solution for both of us by taking off my bra and underwear for David to wear. This bra and underwear were specially made from an old lady's dress. I believed that she already passed away a long time ago but her floral scent still existed on the fabric, even after the cloth had been washed. Hopefully, David didn't mind the fabric floral scent.

I woke up in the morning. I thought of the dream and thought that that dream would be like other dreams I often had in the past. Then I forgot about it.

A week later, on a Friday evening, I was just about to go out, and I walked to my car. I found a copy of a Cambridge Center for Adult Education magazine at the front of my car mirror. I looked around but I didn't see other copies placed on other cars, only my car. It might be a young teen who couldn't find a trash and placed it on my car, I thought.

I picked up the magazine, flipped through pages quickly, while walking to the trash. Then my fingers stopped on the page 60. A title appeared at the top of the page immediately and caught my attention -- 'Basic Sewing'.

That evening I immediately went to the Center and registered for the class. I never had any idea I will learn making clothes one day. Even my parents, family, relatives and friends still don't know now I can make clothes for myself.

The class at the Cambridge Center taught me how to operate the sewing machine : zigzag stitches, straight stitches, curve stitches, etc. But that wasn't enough to make clothes. I realized quickly that I had to study how to make clothes. Ofcourse I concerned about the high cost of tuition fees at a fashion school.

So I had to learn and teach myself how to make clothes. I draw patterns, design and sew clothes by myself and learned by using different kinds of materials which sometimes I had to ask the clerks at the supply stores for information. I believe God helped me learn quickly so that David(s) would not be naked long in public.

Since I started making clothes, I have never dreamed being naked in public again.


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